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Safe Keep Features

Check in
Past Due Alerts
Scheduled Test Alerts
Alert Flexibility
Signature Capture
Digital Photos
Call Logs
Incident Logs
Visitor Logs
Check In/Out Logs
Log Reporting
Client Tracking
Room Checks
Finance Tracking
Resident Tracking
Employer Tracking
Schedule Tracking
Mobile Device Compatible
PC and Mac Compatible
Multi Browser Support
Hosted Solution
Off Site Backups

Safe-Keep is designed with impressive, revolutionary, yet functional features. It combines incredible usefulness and ease of use with refined and powerful code to help your facility achieve its maximum potential.

  • Client Alert
    Safe Keep has a spectacular alert feature.  Not only does Safe-Keep alert you of a late or escaped client with a full screen pop-up as soon as they are late, but it also allows you to set the amount of time between each alert reminder.   Safe-Keep also sends email notification alerts, which means, if you have email on your mobile device, you will get the alerts on your phone.  Both the pop-up and the email will contain all the client information you need as well as attach the picture of the client.
  • Home Confinement
    Safe Keep offers an easy and effective way to track all of your Home Confinement clients using the same modules as your in house clients. The information is just stored in the Home Confinement section.
  • 13 Color Schemes
    13 color schemes allow you to choose different colors for each facility.
  • Medication Module
    Safe-Keep includes a full blown medication manager that allows you to log all medications consumed by clients, to find out if they took too many or not enough,to be notified of allergies, the prescribing doctor's name as well as who has a tendency to palm meds.  The Medication Module will help you manage every aspect of dispensing medication.
  • BOP Billing
    Safe Keep automatically compiles the information in a report format that you need to send in your monthly billing to the BOP. There is also a report that tracks all of the necessary information for your UA billing.
  • Contacts and Visitors
    Safe Keep tracks both your facility and clients contact and visitor information. You will now have an electronic record of every visitor that enters your facility. With the click of a mouse, you can view detailed information regarding any visitor to your facility.
  • Easy to Use
    Although Safe Keep is a very detailed application, it is not difficult to use. We took great measure to ensure that Safe Keep is an extremely user friendly product. No matter how much computer experience that you have, with minimal training you will be able to take full advantage of every feature that Safe Keep has to offer.
  • Client Call Logs
    Call logs are an important part of any facility. Safe-Keep enables you to log all calls that come through your facility quickly and easily.   No more struggling to keep up with client calls.
  • Substance Abuse Scheduler
    Safe-Keep includes a user friendly substance abuse scheduler.  You can schedule drug or alcohol screenings for all your clients.  Safe-Keep will remind you of the screening with pop-ups and email reminders.  If a screening is due when a client signs in or out, you will be notified immediately.
  • Report Manager
    With our report manager, you can obtain a wealth of client and facility information including who is checked out, what screenings are due, who is late, client log information, find out how many empty beds you have, get facility counts and much much more.
  • Digital Photos
    Safe-Keep utilizes digital photos in many areas of the application.  By moving your mouse over any photo thumbnail, you get a full size version of the photo. 
  • Sentence Information
    Safe-Keep can track multiple sentences for every client.  From court conditions, judges, case numbers, probation violations and charges to sentence lengths, Safe-Keep can track it with the Sentence Module. 
  • Employers
    Track all client's employers with Safe-Keep's Employer Module.  Employment history can be added and viewed for any client.  Keep a history for all your client's pay rates, work schedules, insurance and much more with our Employers module.
  • Incident Log
    You will be able to log all your documentation necessary for your facility and all your clients.  This information can be reported on or searched for further use.
  • Resident Control
    Tracking who is checked out, where they are and what time they will be returning is easy.  Also, find out how many empty beds you have, search through client phone calls, do facility counts and more with a few clicks.
  • Finances
    Our finance module is designed to assist you in tracking and obtaining your subsistence fees by allowing you to track your client's paychecks. Safe-Keep can automatically calculate fees based on BOP percentage of gross or subsistence rate.  You can calculate monthly totals, track hours worked, generate monthly reports for BOP and more with only a few clicks .
  • Account and Obligations
    Child support, fines, restitution, alimony and other obligations must be tracked.  Safe-Keep has a great module that ensures your clients are fulfilling all their court ordered obligations.  It's easy and straightforward to use.
  • Residence
    Keep track of all your client's residences with Safe-Keep.  You can find out if the residence has been inspected for weapons, alcohol, drugs and any other contraban that you may need quickly and easily.  You are even able to track multiple residences per client.  All your residence needs are met with Safe-Keep. 
  • Treatment History
    Track a client's entire treatment history, including placement success, completion, dates of service, reasons for failed treatment, and much more.
  • Hosted Solution
     is a completely hosted solution.  With a hosted solution there are no onsite servers for you to have to deal with or maintain, and your data is backed up every night. 
  • Browsers and Compatibility
    Safe-Keep is compatible with most modern browsers, including IE7, Safari 2+ and Firefox 1.5+, which means you can use most any platform including handheld devices with full browsers.