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  • Why a hosted solution?

    A hosted solution comes with  many advantages over a solution you have to install on a computer locally.

    • There is no software to install locally.  You just need a computer or handheld input device like a tablet or smart phone and the internet.
    • Internet access is very reliable these days.  Gone are the days of internet connections crashing or modems dropping connection.
    • You don't need to purchase a server.  We host the appliction so, there are no IT issues that you have to be concerned with.  No worrying about the server crashing. 
    • Updating is easy.  We do it all for you.  Since there is no software locally, when we make a change or update the software, it takes affect immediatly.  No need to be concerned about the update crashing your system.  We are able to test our updates long before they are applied.
    • No concern about losing data.  We back up your data every night off site.  Our server is also equiped with a RAID, configuration which protects against any further data loss or down time.
    • More mobility.  Because you don't need to install client software on every machine in your facility, you can take practically any computer or compatible handheld device and access Safe-Keep.   So, we say take it with you.  A perfect example of this would be room checks. Install a wireless access point in your facility.  Then, purchase a handheld computer and just simply walk to each room checking off each client as you go.  you no longer need a clipboard or photographic memory to accurately conduct room checks.
    • With the many advantages of a browser based application, flexibility is a huge factor.  Your facility is not confined by your accountability software but made more effective and flexible.
    • Access from anywhere.  Ever wish you could do some work at home or check on your facility from the airport?  With Safe-Keep, you can access your facility data from anywhere in the world.  Simply log in with your secured username and password, and you are up and running.
    • Multi-Site.  You can access your data for any of your facilities from one location.  So you can always know what is going on in any facility no matter where they are in the world.

  • Can I use my Mac with Safe Keep?

    YES!  You can use your Mac with Safe-Keep.  We are cross platform compatible so if you have a computer or a handheld device with a full browser, you can access Safe-Keep.  If anyone in your facility is a Mac user, you will be pleased to find total functionality of Safe Keep when using a Mac.

  • Does ORTMAN backup my data?

    Generally, we keep daily backups for 7 days, weekly backups for 1 month and monthly backups for 2 months.  This could occasionally vary.

  • Can multiple sites be managed with Safe Keep?

    Safe-Keep is mult-site capable.  All your facilities can be in a single location.  Just log in and you have access to each of your facilities in one convenient location.  You also have full control over who can access each facility and which features they have access to.  We have given you the ability to lock down any aspect of Safe-Keep from any user.  What this does mean for you is if you have the proper access, you can view the status of any of your facilities from one location at any time. 

  • Can the data in Safe Keep be locked down?

    Safe Keep has been designed with security in mind.  You have the availability to lock any user out of the system or restrict what data they are able to access.  You have full control over how much date each user is able to view.

  • How many users or clients can we have in Safe Keep?

    Safe Keep does not restrict the number of users or clients that can have access to the system.  The cost is per facility, not user.  If you have multiple facilities, a user can have access to as many of your locations as needed.

  • What is the cost of Safe Keep?

    Cost is figured per facility.  Please contact us and we would love to quote your facility. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 501-205-0098