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Installation Process

Since Safe Keep is a hosted solution, there is no install process for you. We can deploy Safe Keep for your business in a matter of a few days. Once Safe Keep has been set up, you may immediately begin to enter data in your system and put it to work.

Data Entry

Once Safe Keep has been deployed, you can begin entering your specific data for your facility. Although Safe Keep comes loaded with some standard data typically used in the facility management industry, there may be additional data and settings you want to add or change. Once you have finished setting up your facility, you are ready to begin using Safe Keep.

Development Cycle

ORTMAN Inc began development on Safe Keep in 2008. With the partnership of City Of Faith in Arkansas, we have created a full featured facility management hosted application that is second to none. Our customers play an important role in keeping Safe Keep up to date with today's facility management needs. ORTMAN is committed to continue adding features and updates on a consistent basis.

Compatible Equipment

Safe Keep is a flexible platform allowing access from a variety of devices. Both Mac and PC platforms perform well, as do many mobile devices. Safe Keep is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and many Android devices. In fact, in recent months, customers have started using the less expensive tablet, the Kindle Fire. Since it is a smaller form factor, some customers think it easier to handle and operate for the day to day usage of Safe Keep, and the less expensive price may help in budgeting a mobile device for use with Safe Keep. These mobile devices make it easy to capture signatures, since most of them have a touchscreen for interaction with a stylus or touch. In addition, head counts, medications and other funtions typically entered on a "wired" computer are much more usable since mobile devices are untethered.


ORTMAN Inc was formed in 2003 and has developed web applications throughout all those years. With all of our years of experience, we have learned what it takes to create a robust, stable and secure web application. Safe Keep is the latest addition to the line up and is the best hosted web application yet.