The Next Generation of Facility Management
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  • Innovative Business Technology
    Innovative Business Technology
  • User Friendly Facility Management
    User Friendly Facility Management

About Safe Keep

Safe Keep is one of the most innovative facility management software packages on the market today. With its use of todays technology, like HTML 5, we offer many features other applications don't.

  • Highly Organized Data
  • Cross Platform
  • Track Your Business

Professional Grade      

Built on a flexible and robust platform, Safe Keep has a range of powerful and intuitive features, functions and tools.

The administrative interface offers a user friendly control panel for intricately managing your business.

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Manage Your Facility

Safe Keep organizes your facility data into a usable format. We take care to structure you facility information in a way that gives you easy access to any part of your business at any time from any part of the world. With an internet connected device and the proper credentials, you have your data at your finger tips.

Easy To Use

One of the things we hear very often from our customers is how truly easy Safe Keep is to use. Its easy to use control panel allows access to the most used features with one click. This application is full of make sense navigation.

Multi User Interface

With multiple levels of security and no limit on how many users are available, facilities can give their staff everything they need to meet their daily challenges. Multiple users can access any part of the system at any time. Our users get a positive experience with our interface.

Flexible Platform

Safe Keep is extremly flexible. We built our application with web standards that allow Mac, PC and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire to access and navigate Safe Keep effectively. Accessible from multiple browsers like IE, Fire Fox, Safari and Chrome, Safe Keep is very versitile for every aspect of your business.